BetEasy is the newest online Bookmaker to launch in Australia. The bookie has certainly kicked off with a bang where it has managed to offer exclusive services to all Australian punters. In case you missed this out, BetEasy was launched by Matthew Tripp the former owner of Sportsbet in 2014.
Formerly known as Betezy, Tripp re-launched the new bookie where it was named BetEasy. This newly launched Bookmaker has become one of the fastest growing bookies in Australia. This is because; having spent many months in the betting industry, Tripp had gained vast experience in the betting platform.

BetEasy Background

BetEasy is licensed in the Northern Territory and its offices are located in Melbourne. It is marked as a pure Australian based Bookmaker since it was formed from the ground. Before being purchased by Matt Tripp, the service was formerly known as Betezy, a name which was launched in 2005 by its Bookmaker A. Kay and traded as AK Racing. It used a domain name which was launched in 2003.
BetEasy experienced a chequered past due to poor management where it was sometimes under probation by the Northern Territory Licensing Commission and the ATO. After changing ownership, the Bookmaker has over the years improved and dominated in the betting platform.

BetEasy has managed to focus on the Australian markets offering Australian dollars accounts only. The website is only written in English without offering options of other foreign languages. It is an approved betting partner with the AFL where football punters are expected to experience a variety of markets, Odds and promotions.
BetEasy is among the fastest growing Australian Bookmakers registering over 110,000 new customers up to 2015. Their exclusive wagering partnership with AFL is expected to last for the next five years.

BetEasy Products and Promotions

New customers joining BetEasy are expected to claim up to $500 free bet bonus after initiating their first deposits. This gives a clean opportunity to receive a total of $1000 to punt with an investment of only $500.
There are many more reasons behind BetEasy drastic success. Their mobile betting app is among the best customers have seen so far. Whether you’re a recreational punter or an experienced bettor, BetEasy is the best Bookmaker which will quench all your betting needs. Their weekly promotions and free bets keep the Bookmaker’s betting services at the top of the class.

Racing punters who place their bets using BetEasy are expected to get the best prices for their hard earned winnings. BetEasy offers an exclusive product known as Best Tote Plus (BT+) product. This exclusive Odds platform pays the best price among the three TABs and ensures that racing punters get the best payouts in every Australian horse racing event every day. Punters will no longer rely on TAB screens to view their overs since they will receive the best payouts and access the SP prices.

AFL punters will also have a chance to place multi bets in BetEasy. If your multi bet wins, you will be offered a bonus of up to 20% in some promotions which will give you a chance to earn more during weekly bets.
Another product offered by BetEasy is the Justice Refund. At times, you may lose a match due to poor referee decision or any other kind of protest which may arise during gameplay. BetEasy shares your pain and offers customer free bet refunds which are equal the initial stake if you suffered a frustrating loss.
Serious punters are also recognized and offered free VIP account managers. These managers will keep an “eagle’s eye” to your betting account and notify you on weekly as well as daily promotions offered by the bookmaker.
BetEasy is the top pick among other Australian Bookmakers. This is evident from the numerous products and services offered to their customers.

Apart from offering a vast range of betting products and services, punters are able to place different types of AFL bets using this service. Among the types of bets punters can place on AFL games include:
Team to score first: where punters predicts the team which will score first in a match during regulation time.
Futures betting: this type of betting is common in most Australian Bookmakers. It involves betting on future events in football matches.
Group winner: this involves betting on the team which will appear at the top of the table at the completion of the group stages in a tournament.

BetEasy Mobile Betting App

Mobile betting is rapidly becoming one of the major betting methods opted by most punters. BetEasy has recognized this fact and provided a mobile betting app which is among the best in the market. The app is much similar to the website meaning punters will have an easy time when placing their bets. The app is readily available for both Android and iOS devices. Tablet users will also experience this exclusive app where they will be able to access various markets and Odds at any time and place.

iPhone owners will have an easy time while using the app since its functionality is much similar to how an iPhone operates (the sleek and simple navigation is similar to the iPhone’s).
The betting slip may take time for bettors to fully understand. However, after sometime you will get used to it and understand how it operates after which placing bets will be fast and precise.

BetEasy Customer Support

BetEasy has managed to provide a 24 hour customer support to all potential punters. For any queries pertaining to cash deposits and withdrawals as well as any other burning queries, customers are expected to receive immediate feedback either via telephone calls, live chat or email.